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Image by Benjamin Davies

A Craftsman’s Journey

From Challenge to Creation

Welcome to The Rocky Maple Ring Company. I’m Chris, and my journey into crafting rings began during the lockdown of a global pandemic. In search of a hobby, I made a ring for someone who then encouraged me to pursue this craft further. My life has been a series of struggles and battles, but through creativity, honesty, and fairness, I have found a way to channel my experiences into something beautiful and meaningful.

The Rocky Maple Ring Company emerged from this blend of personal transformation and the support of a community that believed in me. My customers inspire me and my designs, as it is their stories and aspirations that shape what they want to be created. Each ring is a testament to their journey and a reflection of their unique path.

Empowerment and Intention
Every Step of the Way

Encouraging you to reach your goals and aspirations with a ring that reflects your unique journey.


aluing natural remedies and practices, allowing your intentions to be infused into the stones and designs.


Your journey is my priority. I take a personal approach to ensure your intentions are met.


Creating designs with the power of intention to support your personal growth.

Infused with Meaning
Emboldened with Purpose

Every element of your ring, from the band to the stones, is thoughtfully selected to align with your intentions. By focusing on personal goals such as protection, tranquility, or motivation, your ring becomes a symbolic talisman of your journey. Together, we'll find the perfect combination that helps set your intentions and supports your path.

Your Story, Your Ring
A Collaborative Journey

My approach involves working closely with you to uncover your intentions and infuse your story into your ring. Whether it’s to mark an important milestone, promote emotional healing, or simply express your style, I’ll guide you through choosing the band, stones, and design. Together, we’ll create a ring that is as unique as your journey.

Start Your Journey Today
A Collaborative Journey

Ready to design a ring that speaks to your spirit? Reach out to me today, and let's begin crafting a meaningful symbol of your unique path. Whether it’s for self-growth, healing, or a personal celebration, I’m here to help create a ring that truly reflects you.

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