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My Creations

Discover Unique Rings Crafted for Personal Journeys

Every ring tells a story, reflecting the unique journey and achievements of its wearer. Here, I share with you a selection of the custom rings I've crafted for my clients. Each piece holds a special place in my heart, representing the milestones and personal stories of those who wear them. While these are just some of the rings I've created, they are among the most meaningful to me. I invite you to explore these creations and see how each ring embodies the spirit and individuality of its owner.

A Ceramic Black Tourmaline, Cooper, Meteorite and Glow Ring

his is the ring that got me back into the groove and inspired me to start sharing my craft of ring making. It’s a mixed ring of goodies, a true blessing in disguise. Its unique combination of materials and design elements rekindled my passion and set me on the path to creating more bespoke pieces.


Titanium with Lapis and Black Tourmaline

This titanium ring features lapis and black tourmaline, making it incredibly special to me. The inclusion of these stones is a nod to my logo, which has a mountain in it, symbolizing strength and resilience. This ring embodies the spirit of adventure and the beauty of nature.


Tungsten and Birds Eye Maple

The reason this ring has a special place in my journey is because it is the first ring I ever made for another person. It was a replacement for a wedding band, a symbol of enduring love and commitment. Crafting this ring marked the beginning of my journey as a custom ring maker, and it will always hold a unique significance for me.


Titanium, Fluorite, and Blue Glow

This was the first titanium ring where I experimented with incorporating glow and stone elements. Created during my rookie days, it’s a piece that I’m particularly proud of. The way it turned out exceeded my expectations and marked an important milestone in my ring-making journey.


Stainless Steel, Black Tourmaline and Copper

I absolutely love this ring. It’s a black tourmaline and copper mix set in a stainless steel band. The contrast between the dark tourmaline and the bright copper is stunning, and I can’t get enough of the way it looks. This ring is a testament to the beauty that can be found in bold contrasts.


Walnut and Crushed Opal

This simple walnut and crushed opal ring is one of the first I ever made. It holds a special place in my heart because it was created for a friend who requested it after I shared my hobby with her. The combination of natural walnut and the shimmering opal makes it a timeless piece that I cherish.

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